Oklahoma Oil and Mineral Rights

Oklahoma Oil and Mineral Rights

Oklahoma has almost two million residents who receive royalty checks from Oklahoma oil and gas wells. Mineral rights have created a viable source of income for many who receive monthly royalty checks. To understand the complexity of the laws for Oklahoma mineral rights, it is important to enlist the help of an attorney with extensive background in Oklahoma mineral rights.
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Oil and gas rights have specific laws unique to Oklahoma for:

  • Oil and gas leases
  • Oil and gas disputes
  • Royalty litigation
  • Energy litigation
  • Surface damage claims
  • Land reclamation
  • Farm-out litigation

Forced pooling is one option given to oil and gas companies that are unable to reach an agreement from all parties who have the land or mineral rights they are interested in. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission can grant an order to have the various owners pooled, giving these owners many options of lease royalty amounts and bonuses to be paid. You will need to enlist the help of a knowledgeable Oklahoma Oil and Gas Rights attorney to correctly guide you in making profitable decisions if you receive an offer for forced pooling.

Mineral rights can be sold as a separate entity from surface rights under current Oklahoma law. Mineral and oil and gas rights may be leased to an oil and gas company or may be produced by the owner of the mineral rights. If you own the mineral rights to a piece of property, but do not own the surface rights, you will need legal assistance in negotiating lease and royalty agreements.

You also need to protect your mineral rights from the misuse by oil and gas companies. Energy companies are constantly looking for more places to drill. If they find that you own the mineral rights to a specific plot of interest, they will contact you and offer an oil and gas lease. This lease will propose compensation to you for the resources they may find on your property.

Many property owners are confused by the difference in surface rights and mineral rights. Tulsa OK Attorney Blake Hayes has the ability to review lease agreements, forced-pooling orders, title opinions and all other legal documents related to the development and exploration of your property for oil and natural gas.

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