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North Dakota Oil and Gas Title Opinions

With oil prices rising, many counties in North Dakota have become a hot-spot for drilling in the United States. From our Tulsa, Oklahoma office, The Hayes Law Firm will conduct title examinations and prepare title opinions in counties across the nation, including counties in North Dakota. Call Blake Hayes at (918) 392-4641 or contact us online to enlist our help with your oil and gas titles. The gas and oil drilling business has skyrocketed in North Dakota since 2008. Geologists are not 100% positive just how much oil and gas will be found within this region, but some estimate that by the year 2015, the total production per day could exceed one-million barrels a day. The Bakken Shale region and the Sanish/ Three Forks region have been areas geologists and drilling companies are focusing on. Attorney Blake Hayes provides title opinions with detailed information on current impediments that could negatively affect an acquisition, development or financing of a property. Oil and gas developers must obtain title opinions that have been accurately researched and prepared. Costly litigation could rupture plans if the correct information is not procured. The Hayes Law Firm excels in providing thoroughly investigated title opinions for:

  • Acquisitions of interests
  • Title opinions for acquisition, drilling and division order
  • Interpretation of contracts and conveyance

Mineral rights ownership may consist of multiple parties which may or may not include the owner of the surface rights. Every owner has the right to execute a lease conveying their own rights to each oil and gas company interested in their mineral rights. Subdividing of the rights may reduce the profitability of the oil and gas production company. There can only be a limited number of wells drilled on each parcel of land, which adds to the risks involved with the costs of production. The Hayes Law Firm has the experience necessary to effectively execute the most informative documents for North Dakota Gas and Oil development. The complexities of mineral rights ownership, royalty agreements, surface access rights, and expense responsibilities can be handled by Blake Hayes and his team. Title opinions are one of the most important documents necessary in producing a profit in the oil and gas industry. Contact Attorney Blake Hayes online or at (918) 392-4641 today to eliminate the risk of obtaining the wrong title opinion information.