Tulsa, OK Oil and Gas Title Opinions Attorney

Tulsa Oil and Gas Title Opinions

Oklahoma oil and gas industry workers know the detailed requirements needed prior to drilling for oil or natural gas. Challenges often arise with mineral rights and land titles. These challenges require that an insightful and dedicated attorney draft a title opinion that is non-disputable to allow you to explore and succeed as a profitable business.

Blake Hayes in Tulsa, OK has comprehensive knowledge of researching, drafting and reviewing oil and gas title opinions for owners and producers in the Oklahoma oil and gas industry. Contact him today online or at (918) 392-4641 to let him review your oil and gas title.
To avoid lawsuits caused by negligent title work, or prevent development or investment in wells with uncommitted interest, you should enlist the help of our dedicated and experienced oil and gas staff.

A title opinion can protect and bring clarity to your legal rights if you are buying or selling oil and gas properties. There may be multiple parties with an interest in the oil or natural gas well you are negotiating. Not taking the proper steps to preserve your legal rights can cost you severely in the long run.

If you are drilling a well, you need to obtain a drilling title opinion or a well-bore title opinion. For a producing well, a division order title opinion can help you avoid claims against the output and proceeds distribution from the oil or gas production.  The Hayes Law Firm can develop a full or limited title opinion to fit your particular situation. We have experience in all areas pertaining to drilling, well bore, division order and seismic evaluation.

Oil and Gas Title Opinions include:

  • Ownership percentage determination
  • Acquisitions of interests
  • Title opinions for acquisition, drilling and division order
  • Interpretation of contracts and conveyance
  • Disputes over ownership
  • Percentage of ownership determination
  • Inheritance and probate considerations

Other Oil and Gas Issues include:

  • Seismic evaluations
  • Negotiations with surface owners for pipeline easement
  • Lease negotiations

Making an educated decision pertaining to oil and gas property can be burdened with details inherent to the industry. Contact our energy industry experts for your legal needs before making such an important decision. We will help you understand the terminology and your rights when drafting a title opinion. Our Tulsa based law firm will guide your decision with informed advice and representation of all areas of oil and gas litigation and contracts.

Let Blake Hayes take the burden in clearing title issues, gaps or probate determinations.  Contact Attorney Blake Hayes  online or at (918) 392-4641 today for an initial consultation.