Divorce Law

Tulsa Divorce & Mediation Attorney Blake Hayes

An entire family is affected by a divorce, not just the immediate family living under one roof. The emotional toll that a divorce provokes can be overwhelming and seem never-ending. Blake Hayes understands that stress levels are elevated during a divorce. Mr. Hayes takes the time to listen to each case with compassion and dedication to every circumstance. Our clients are our first priority, and we work diligently to address and maintain their best interest throughout the process.

There are no two divorce cases that are the same. Many different issues must be considered when seeking a divorce. You need to find a competent and relatable attorney to guide you through each step of the process. All aspects of the case must be discussed and evaluated to develop the best possible solutions for you.

Divorce can be a difficult situation, you can rest assured that Attorney Blake Hayes is here to help you.  Contact Him today at (918) 392-4641 or contact him online and schedule an initial consultation.

Divorce Mediation

A mediation process gives you and your estranged spouse an opportunity to negotiate a settlement agreeable to both of you. A trained facilitator oversees the mediation process. Both partners must cooperate to reach an agreement. Mediation relieves the need for litigation and often reduces the cost and time associated with divorce. Blake Hayes will work with you while you are negotiating with your spouse to help you reach the most equitable divorce settlement for you and your children.

Divorce Litigation

At times, litigation becomes necessary to reach a fair and agreeable resolution for your divorce circumstances. In the event that both spouses are unable to reach an agreement on all issues, the case will be tried before a judge. A judge can resolve disputes over child custody, finances, property and support. Our Tulsa, OK based firm has the professional courtroom presence and trial experience to represent clients throughout all litigation hearings. We can tackle the most diverse and complex aspects of your case to bring you the best possible outcome.

Property Laws

Oklahoma is not a community property state. Property is not typically divided in half in our state. The value of all property, including homes, cars, land, inheritance, mineral rights and retirement funds will have to be assessed. The right divorce attorney can help significantly in the division of property and debts and will represent your financial interests.

Areas of Expertise

  • Personal property distribution, including bank accounts, stocks and assets
  • Sale or assignment of the home
  • Spousal support
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Debt division

The process of divorce can be frustrating, challenging and even frightening. The Hayes Law Firm will walk you through each step in the case and ensure you are completely informed through all circumstances.

We will complete all documentation, get all documentation approved and get your divorce filed by the courts. If you are in Tulsa or our surrounding communities, contact Blake Hayes Today so you can take the first step towards moving on with your life.