Adoptions In Oklahoma: How To Overcome Common Obstacles

Adopting a child can be an incredibly fulfilling experienced. But, the legal process can also be confusing and feel overwhelming. Proper legal preparation will help make the adoption process as smooth as possible. If you are considering becoming an adoptive parent in Oklahoma, an experienced Tulsa adoption attorney can help you understand and overcome any obstacles that you may face.

Obstacles to Adoption


  • Background checks: In Oklahoma, a background check will always be required. Both of the adopting parents will likely need to submit to a background check. Certain felony convictions can make adoption very difficult, and in some cases impossible. If you have concerns about negative information that will show up on your background check report, you need to speak to an attorney immediately.
  • Home study: As a potential adoptive parent, you will need to have a home study. In Oklahoma, your living situation will be reviewed to ensure that it is appropriate for a new child. It is the responsibility of the adopting family to arrange and pay for the pre-adoption home study. Topics that will likely come up in a home study will include: your daily work schedule, your housing situation, your relationships, your experience in parenting situations, and anything else potentially relevant to a child’s well-being. A family law attorney can help you prepare for this part of the process so that you can properly demonstrate that your lifestyle and living situation is suitable for a raising a child.
  • Parental objection: In Oklahoma, the biological parents of a child must both consent to an adoption. A conflict sometimes arises between the birth parents. While one parent is wholeheartedly in favor of adoption, the other is opposed or has some reservations. A general sense of reluctance by one parent can often turn into a serious and frustrating issue. Many times, one birth parent is not actively objecting to the adoption but is dragging their feet, difficult to get ahold of, or is generally uncooperative. This can make the adoption process much more complicated. Your attorney can help to ensure that the birth parents follow through with their consent obligations.

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